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Driving Schools

When the economy is struggling, you need to mark yourself out from the crowd and innovate! Develter gives you the opportunity to do this with its range of driving simulators.


Today all Formula 1 racing teams use driving simulators to allow engineers to fine-tune their cars in collaboration with the drivers, who can also train and learn the circuits. Even in Formula 1, with unlimited budgets, it is not possible to produce 100% realism, particularly when it comes to longitudinal and sideways accelerations, but without a simulator a team would have no chance of appearing at the higher levels of the championship.


The simulators we develop are of course for much smaller budgets than those of the auto sports world and they cannot recreate all the sensations. Nonetheless, we have developed a fantastic teaching tool with programs suited to every type of driver. The user must understand how to integrate simulation into the training program and use it appropriately.


With a driving simulator you can:

• Carry out the initial assessments

• Do Step I of the PNF (French National Training Programme)

• Prepare your students to cope in traffic by simulating all the situations they will have to face sooner or later on the road

• Open up new markets


Develter company came from the driving school and post-licence training world. From that experience we have developed high value added teaching tools to give the professional instructors the resources they need for effective training. A simulator is not a replacement for a teacher.


2013: Develter launches its New Generation Driving Simulators, keeping it at the cutting edge of progress and innovation.


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