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In a story for his show E = M6, Mac LESSGY wanted to use tester to understand the effects of drugs on driving alertness and ability to react to a situation of accidents.


"Zone Interdite"

Through the simulation, three profiles of illegal drivers found themselves in situations they have caused or been on the road. Risk behaviors that make you think.



Pierre CHASSERAY, Managing Director of the Association's 40 millions d'automobilistes was interviewed Tuesday, 5 November on France 2 at the show "TELEMATIN" at 6:45 a.m.


"On n'est pas que des cobayes"

Subject: Are we all equal in fatigue?

The simulator was used to conduct driving tests.

"100% Mag", interview with Pierre CHASSERAY of "40 million motorists" to the simulator Develter  09/09/2013
images/logos/logo_tribuneae2009.jpg Develter: an HGV driving simulator that packs away 04/07/2013
images/logos/Asnav.jpg ASNAV - Activity Report - Paris Motor Show 01/06/2013
images/logos/france_route.gif Pros of the Road Day 01/06/2012
images/logos/Asnav.jpg ASNAV - Activity Report - Quinze Vingts Hospital, Paris 01/06/2012
images/logos/VNV.jpg Virtual world helps road safety 01/09/2011
images/logos/autocars_bus.gif New at Réunir for drivers: A simulator coach. 31/08/2011
images/logos/e=m6.jpg A 12-year-old driver pitted against a 40-year-old driver
on the Develter Simulator.
images/logos/TF1.jpg As part of our partnership with ASNAV. 07/06/2010
images/logos/logo_france2.png Stéphane Bern's new TV programme on France 2 brings out the importance of training drivers well on the dangers of the road and teaching them how to react effectively to avert accidents. 04/02/2010
images/logos/france_routeok.gif Inform, Raise Awareness, Train. These four words sum up the mission of the Pros of the Road. In 2010 you won't be able to miss them! 01/12/2009
images/logos/racbok.jpg The Royal Automobile Club of Belgium gets driving simulators 07/10/2009
images/logos/logo_tribuneae2009.jpg Develter Innovation launches its simulator designed for driving schools. 01/07/2009
images/logos/france_routeok.gif Check this out on the Safety Tour: the Develter HGV simulator and the new module specially for eco-driving. 02/06/2009
images/logos/logo_caradisiac.jpg Sécurité Routière chooses the Develter simulator to help you drive environmentally 06/10/2008
images/logos/france_routeok.gif Develter Innovation. So accidents stay virtual 02/10/2008
images/logos/logo_tribuneae.jpg "Tribune des Auto-Ecoles" talks about the Develter HGV simulator 01/10/2008
images/logos/transport.gif Develter moves into HGVs 15/09/2008
images/logos/logo_transporteur.gif A DEVELTER HGV simulator 14/08/2008
images/logos/quotidien_auto.jpg Develter Innovation is now adapting its simulator to the particular needs of HGV driving. 13/08/2008
images/logos/autonews.jpg Launch of the new HGV model 11/08/2008
images/logos/autocarsinfos.gif The Develter HGV driving simulator 04/08/2008
images/logos/decision_achats.gif Eco-driving arrives in France, Develter develops modules for its driving simulator 02/05/2008
images/logos/france_routeok.gif The Pros of the road set out on Tour with the DEVELTER driving simulator 01/05/2008
images/logos/convivia.jpg Convivia, the transport magazine of the Partageons la Route Association, runs a televised report for the parliamentary channel and
Téléssone on the DEVELTER driving simulator.
images/logos/TF1.JPG Develter takes part in the touring "Road Safety House" in Vendée county, West France 10/01/2008
images/logos/logo-challenges.gif DEVELTER INNOVATION appears in the "Cars & Businesses" special edition of Challenges magazine. 15/11/2007
images/logos/flotte_auto.jpg To expand its resources, Norisko buys the Develter simulator. 14/11/2007
images/logos/quotidien_auto.jpg Our brain is like a chest of drawers. Faced with an emergency the brain looks for a response in a drawer. If the drawer is empty, fear and panic ensue. There's only one way to fill the drawers: train on a
simulator until you have learned the right actions.
images/logos/Le Moniteur Logo.JPG Norisko uses Develter's driving simulators for its road risk training. 02/11/2007
images/logos/kment.jpg Norisko: Simulate your company's road risks! 01/10/2007
images/logos/psre.gif In its letter of June/July 2007, PSRE Association refers to its members keeping up to date and speaks of DEVELTER with the European Multimedia Seal of Excellence. 02/07/2007
images/logos/logo_FranceInfo.gif Find DEVELTER Innovation and its driving simulator on France Info 22/06/2007
images/logos/logo_routiers.gif DEVELTER wins award 02/05/2007
images/logos/flotte_auto.jpg DEVELTER Innovation receives international award 02/05/2007
images/logos/logo_transporteur.gif Develter wins award at CeBIT in Hanover 17/04/2007
images/logos/logo_ap2.gif DEVELTER: a driving simulator that should revolutionise driver training 05/04/2007
images/logos/Logo_AutocarInfos.gif DEVELTER receives the multimedia seal of excellence 02/04/2007
images/logos/logo_routiers.gif DEVELTER develops a highly flexible HGV driving simulator 05/03/2007
images/logos/logoTribuneAutoEcoles.gif Simulation not a game! 04/12/2006
images/logos/Transport et technologies.gif "Transport Service & Technologie" magazine praises the value of the DEVELTER driving simulator. 02/11/2006
images/logos/flotte_auto.jpg DEVELTER innovates to promote safety 01/11/2006
images/logos/logo_MondialAuto.gif The DEVELTER simulator is a powerful teaching tool 12/10/2006
images/logos/logoTranspServTechno.gif DEVELTER driving simulator, a simple, flexible version 02/10/2006
images/logos/SecuriteRoutiereGouv.gif DEVELTER, partner of Road Safety at the 2006 Paris Motor Show 28/09/2006
images/logos/logo TV Fil78.gif DEVELTER quoted on TVFIL78 (cable TV just outside Paris) as part of a report on companies that have moved into the area 07/09/2006
images/logos/logo_MicroSim.gif Simulation helps road training 04/09/2006