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The Rehab Evolution

Rehab Evolution is the first driving simulator that is part of a process of rehabilitation/readaptation.

The Develter expertise recognized by the CSER

The driving simulator is now fully integrated into the reflections to improve the quality of driving license training .

Global Road Safety Film Festival

The World Road Safety Film Festival will take place on 20 and 21 February 2017 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

I tested the Develter driving simulator

You have discovered, on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in Le Parisien and Today in France the driving simulator Develter.

Virtual reality has arrived at Develter

The OCULUS RIFT is already there...

The driving school, C.C.E., a winning concept !

The CCE driving school located in Valence, in the Drôme, offers driving license training based on new technologies.

Develter Innovation won the Innovation Award

The "Global Road Safety Film Festival" , the past 13th & 14th of February 2015

Simulator and driving on snow

Drive safely on snow.

December 2014

The event: The new Driving Simulator Develter

International Road Transport Union (IRU)

IRU is a worldwide organization for road transport training.

DEVELTER expands its driving stations range.

DEVELTER expands its driving stations range by offering the MOBIL’TRUCK , which fits in between the TRAINING TRUCK and the EXPERT driving stations.

Range of Develter 3D interactive courses

On January 6 th 2014, Develter launched its range of 3D interactive courses based on its New Generation simulator.  

The driving school, C.C.E., a winning concept !

The CCE driving school located in Valence, in the Drôme, offers driving license training based on new technologies, a particularly innovative concept of quality at the price of a classic driving school.


AB Funding présente Drive Innov : L'auto-école de demain

This training center is equipped with a simulator DEVELTER last generation, it has also been the first center in EUROPE to have the new dynamic driving station of DEVELTER:

  • Driving station PRO EVOLUTION mounted on cylinders
  • 3 screens 60’’ to propose a 4 meters wide image
  • The whole range of software DEVELTER « Driving school », « Road safety », « Eco drive »
  • Tools awarded at the 2015 World Road Safety Film Festival

simulateur de conduite CCE

It was inaugurated on May 21, 2015 and made the buzz in the press, reports on radios NRJ, France Bleue, RCF...

A winning buzz because early July, the occupancy rate of the driving simulator is full, a 2nd machine being already needed to meet the needs of customers.

CEC plans to open very quickly other driving schools in the major cities of France. This is certainly a concept that has everything to succeed. Indeed, why deny training in high-end services and quality for the price of a conventional license?

In any case for sure, it's a concept that will move the world of driving schools for the greatest benefit of students and safety on the road.


CCE driving school


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