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Training Centres

A training centre must have modern and innovative tools to give its instructors professional driver-training resources.


Develter has unmatched expertise in this area. We not only have training expertise from many years working with the "Take every action to avoid that accident" concept, but we have also developed high-added-value teaching media. This approach has led to Develter gaining an international reputation and numerous awards for its know-how.


Since 2003 Develter company has specialised in the development of driving simulators.


Today all Formula 1 racing teams use driving simulators to allow engineers to fine-tune their cars in collaboration with the drivers, who can also train and learn the circuits. Even in Formula 1, with unlimited budgets, it is not possible to produce 100% realism, particularly when it comes to longitudinal and sideways accelerations, but without a simulator a team would have no chance of appearing at the higher levels of the championship.


The simulators we develop are of course for much smaller budgets than those of the motor sports world and they cannot recreate all the sensations. Nonetheless, we have developed a fantastic teaching tool with programs suited to every type of driver. The user must understand how to integrate simulation into the training program and use it appropriately.


The simulator will enable you to teach, among other things:

• Safe driving

• Economical driving

• Examination-standard HGV manoeuvring


These materials are available in many different versions in the form of courses:

  • 3D interactive courses according to the DEVELTER Concept
  • Road Safety Awareness 3D interactive Course
  • Road Safety 3D interactive Course
  • Road Safety and Eco Driving 3D interactive Course
  • Eco Driving 3D interactive course 

The products are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. They will soon be available in other languages.


On all vehicle types:


                 citerne                pompiers

police                  gendarme                samu

Available in light vehicle, rigid lorry, articulated lorry and public transport versions


2013, Develter Launches his New Generation of driving simulators to always be at the forefront of progress and innovation.


2014, Develter launches his Interactive Courses based on the New Generation Simulator.


2015, Develter launches a new range of driving stations: the Car Evolution and Pro Evolution.


2016, Develter completes its range of driving stations with the Mobil Evolution and Auto Evolution. Develter is also evolving its software range and preparing many novelties.