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About us

A company that specialises in road safety by developing driving simulators with high added value owing to the company's expertise.



Stéphane Develter's ambition is to put together all the skills that help to improve road safety and respect for the environment, an ambitious but realistic project.

A car driving instructor, Stéphane Develter quickly decided to move into road safety for the business world.


1986: Director of a company specialising in road safety

He develops a concept that quickly gains the respect of authorities, institutions, insurance companies and businesses.


1995: DEVELTER FORMATION training company set up

Stéphane Develter sets up his safety company and develops a total safety concept showing businesses how to take every action to avoid that road accident. He becomes safety and accident prevention consultant to the largest insurance companies and biggest French groups.

Since 1999 Stéphane Develter has been developing multi-media tools on CD-ROM and via the Internet.

• Real-time accident monitoring software

• "Driving Standard" software in car, HGV and coach versions (this software won first prize at the International Road Safety Film Festival)

• Training software for the European Accident Report (a joint report compiled by both drivers after a minor accident)

• Basic module driving simulator developed in real-time 3D, which demonstrated the advantage of enabling a person to experience in complete safety a variety of different traffic situations and accident scenarios.


2003: DEVELTER PREVENTION (safety company) set up

Following up on the success of his method and tools, Stéphane Develtersets up business in BENELUX through his partner Pierre Laoureux of ROAD SAFETY CONSULTING.


2005: a major milestone

If European roads are to become safer, we must have better driver training.

Good driver training requires trainers with the right qualities and skills. Trainers will perform their task better if they can rely on a recognised concept, have effective teaching equipment, and get the support they need.


With strong encouragement from the Transport Ministry, which is very enthusiastic about the DEVELTER concept and the instructional quality of the software already developed, especially the Driving Standard using 3D technology, Stéphane Develter creates DEVELTER INNOVATION to expand and develop his concept across Europe.


While continuing the DEVELTER FORMATION (training) and DEVELTER PREVENTION (safety consultancy) businesses, Stéphane Develter decides in 2005 to invest massively to develop a new range of software for road risk prevention for the whole of Europe. This bold development strategy was realised by setting up DEVELTER INNOVATION company, attracting international capital and obtaining recognition from OSEO/ANVAR, which granted him a significant subsidy to develop his research and development department and thus continue his technological investments.

The DEVELTER concept and innovative software are now available to you.


June 2006: DEVELTER INNOVATION arrives in Europe

A range of software already available in French, English and Dutch.

DEVELTER INNOVATION launches a range of all-new products:

• Online road risk management software

• Joint accident report-writing Training Software

• Online quiz on writing the joint accident report

• A range of Training Software programs based on the driving standard

• Driving simulator (Innovation Prize at the World Road Safety Film Festival, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 23 March 2006)


January 2007: DEVELTER INNOVATION sets up distribution network

DEVELTER INNOVATION sets up and runs a distribution network to be closer to its end users.

Les Codes Rousseau become a Develter solutions distributor to driving schools and businesses


March 2007: DEVELTER INNOVATION receives the highest distinction

The European Multimedia Label d’Excellence, Platinum category was awarded to Develter Innovation company on 15 March 2007 at the Hanover CeBIT. This distinction is awarded to high-tech and digital media businesses that have shown great innovation in marketing.


April 2007: DEVELTER INNOVATION creates training network

Norisko/Dekra becomes a partner, enabling Develter to be present throughout France.


January 2008: DEVELTER INNOVATION expands its training network

BELTOISE Evolution, well known in the road safety arena for the last 20 years for its "Conduire Juste" (Drive Right) courses, approaches Develter with an idea to sign a partnership enabling it to use the Develter tools, in particular its Driving Simulator, recognised by all serious road safety experts as the benchmark tool. The partnership between BELTOISE Evolution and Develter enhances the tie-up already signed with Norisko Dekra. This association means we can offer a total quality service and a national presence, streamlining our ability to meet our respective customers' requirements.


DEVELTER launches its driving simulator in Benelux through its partner ROAD SAFETY CONSULTING. This alliance was seen to practical effect at the European Motor Show in Brussels held 17-27 January 2008 when the DEVELTER driving simulator was presented at the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium stand.


Work for a company? Looking for a responsible solution? Interested in distributing our software? Together we can find the right solutions for your requirements.


September 2008: DEVELTER INNOVATION launches a new range of driving simulators

DEVELTER presents its new range of driving simulators, from the portable version to highly realistic stations, using a large-diameter steering wheel with stalks, handbrake, gearstick and sturdy pedals with force feedback.

DEVELTER expands its software range with the HGV simulator and continues its developments by bringing out within a few months the coach version, the eco-driving module and the driving school simulator.


In 2009 DEVELTER INNOVATION launches a range of eco-driving software  

The eco-driving module teaches the connection between safe and economical driving. These software programs are available in light vehicle, HGV and public transport versions.


In 2010 DEVELTER INNOVATION launches a range of software for driving schools

• Initial assessment

• Step I of the PNF (French National Training Programme)

• Foundation of the Develter concept

• Eco-driving


2011: a milestone year for DEVELTER

Commercial development: Already present in France and Benelux, in 2011 Develter opens training centres and sets up distribution networks in Russia, Algeria, Morocco and Cameroon.


Innovation: Develter develops a range of simulators on a dynamic platform at very competitive prices, allowing driving schools and others to buy a powerful training tool.


New software: Develter develops complete software for learning to manoeuvre a rigid lorry or semi-trailer, with the same off-road exercises as in driving tests, and to perform complex manoeuvres in traffic.


2012: DEVELTER works on a New Generation of simulation software

Between 2006 and 2012, Develter developed many simulation programs available today in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The international awards demonstrate the quality of the Concept and its innovative character.

Despite this, in 2012 Develter dedicated a team to developing New Generation software to make the training still more effective and meet the specific needs of our customers and partners.


2013: new HGV simulator

To meet the expectations of HGV Training Centres, at the start of the year we launch a new HGV simulator on a dynamic platform, the Training Truck, based on a Renault Magnum. The Mobil'Truck, its little brother, launches in September 2013.


July 2013: launch of the New Generation

After 18 months in development the New Generation of software arrives, available from launch in car, rigid lorry, articulated lorry and public transport versions. It has very many new features and functions.


January 2014, Develter launches its interactive courses based on the New Generation of driving simulator.

From the New Generation driving simulators, we have carried out more than 300 educational videos. Hence, we make it available to as many people as possible modern educational tools, with a high added value.

The software are available in many different versions in the form of courses:

  • 3D interactive courses according to the DEVELTER Concept
  • Road Safety Awareness 3D interactive Course
  • Road Safety 3D interactive Course
  • Road Safety and Eco Driving 3D interactive Course
  • Eco Driving 3D interactive course


February 2014, different languages available

The New Generation driving simulators and the 3D interactive courses are now available in English, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. They will soon be available in other languages.


February 2014, International Network

Develter sets up an international network to market the driving simulators and the 3D interactive courses.


September 2014, the simulator with left-hand drive is now available

To adapt to the demand of its customers and provide the means to expand internationally, DEVELTER has developed its simulator for left-hand driving with all the exercises of the software that made the reputation of its Concept.


December 2014, new range of simulators

DEVELTER launches its new range of driving simulators: the Car Evolution and the Pro Evolution, with even more powerful and educational software.

In 2014, Develter have launched:

  • Its Interactive Road Safety Courses
  • Its range of software available in French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Arabic
  • Right-hand and left-hand drive
  • New stations with integrated dashboard


February 2015, New International Trophy for Develter

The important development work undertaken over the last 3 years, for the New Software Generation and the realization of Interactive Road Safety Courses, was rewarded by receiving the Innovation Award at the World Road Safety Film Festival which was held on February 13 and 14, 2015. This is the 4th time that our company receives an international trophy.


June 2015, emergency driving module

The realism obtained by our range of driving simulators, allowed us to launch a specific module to learn emergency driving with the use of flashing light and 2-tones. Drivers qualified for this type of driving have the opportunity to learn how to drive fast but safe, in the middle of intelligent traffic. The trainer can trigger real-time accident situations.


January 2016, it started strong!

After an excellent year 2015, 2016 was rich in events with the launch on the first half of:

  • A new driving station to enrich our range, after the big success of 2015 with the Car Evolution and Pro Evolution,
  • The possibility of filming the driver on the simulator and to follow precisely his eyes. This novelty makes it possible to work the observation capacities because on the road, in more than 1/3 of the accidents, the driver did not see or see the obstacle too late and hit him full force.

Furthermore, the Interministerial Delegate for Road Safety, Emmanuel BARBE, visited us on our premises to discover our driving simulators but especially our pedagogical concept unique on the market. Impressed by our solutions, Mr. BARBE sent us his staff because the simulator is part of the reflections of road safety.


November 2016

  • Develter launched an evolution of its simulation software integrating: new exercises, virtual reality headsets and touch pads to trigger live accident situations, depending on the situations encountered.
  • Develter is the representative of the designers of driving simulators at the “Conseil Supérieur de l'Education Routière (CSER)” / Higher Council of Road Education.


March 2017

  • Develter launches its simulator fully adapted to rehabilitation and meets the recommendations of SOFMER.

To rapidly penetrate the new market and meet the needs and expectations of the CHU, Develter has entrusted the distribution of Rehab Evolution to Médimex, the specialist in assessment and functional rehabilitation.